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An Organization is Born

The past several years have been a turbulent time in the history of policing in America. After 2020 brought a seismic shift to all of our lives, we entered 2021 hoping for a rebound into normalcy. 2021 continued to be challenging for law enforcement across the nation, presenting not just pandemic-related difficulties, but also staffing shortages, budgetary challenges, and growing pains associated with reform efforts.

Fortunately for Officers of the Jefferson City Police Department, we live in a community that is overwhelmingly supportive. While many members of our community continued to read the national headlines, we were often asked “what can we do to help at the local level?”

Many of those conversations revealed a deep-seated desire within the community for more opportunities for participation and investment in our local police department. Our community wanted to come to our assistance, and the idea for the Jefferson City Missouri Police Foundation was born. Welcome to 2022!

Across the nation, police foundations not only supplement law enforcement resources but are also a way for businesses, individuals, and community and civic organizations to connect with law enforcement in an effort to reduce crime and keep the community safe. Police Foundations are truly a part of Community Policing.

We hope that the Jefferson City Missouri Police Foundation will become a catalyst for many strong partnerships between our community members, business owners, and the Jefferson City Police Department, and we look forward to continuing to provide top notch police service to this community in 2022 and beyond.

Eric Wilde

Captain – Jefferson City Police Department

 Foundation Secretary

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